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About Me
Because I never seem to know just how much information I should divulge about myself to strangers online.

My name is Mary Kathryn McCartney, though I most commonly go by Kate. Or, at least online, I also can be known as M.K., but only rarely. I was born in the 1980's, and thus spent most of my developmental life in the 90's. If this is not apparent, then you simply have not read enough into everything I do. I am happily married, and happen to have four-legging furry kids. But only one, right now. Terrible things have happened.

Writing and drawing have been my hobbies since ... well, the early 90's, so I've had a lot of time for them to be in my life but have never wanted to take them to a professional level. I mostly still stand by that, so much of my work here is deemed 'hobby that I sometimes make money off of.' I actually don't mind having a typical day job.

I enjoy gaming (console, PC, tabletop - not so much into LARP) though I've been doing less and less of it over the years. Projects just tend to take up that time, I suppose!

My weaknesses are wire-and-wood structures, concrete buildings tucked away into woods or on cliff edges, urban mazes, running water, and oddly appealing green and purple color combinations (that last one was adapted as a childhood survival tactic, mostly because my friend never let me play with the red and blue dragons. I was always stuck with the green and purple ones. To keep from going mad, I had to adjust).

The biggest inspiration in my life is the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series.

Material on this site (unless otherwise noted) is 2004-2014 by Mary Kathryn McCartney. Emails can be sent to LENDRAL @ GMAIL . COM with any questions or concerns. No puppies, though. They tend to take up our bandwidth something fierce.